Smokin’ Turkey

Recently we have started using a butcher shop.  Those of you who read Hubby’s blog will have read about our adventures with the smoker I got him for Father’s Day.  But for those who don’t; for the last 4 months he has been addicted to smokin’.  Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad thing.  In fact it is a very yummy thing.

Yesterday I went to the butcher to talk to them about doing a turkey for Thanksgiving in the smoker.  We have been having Thanksgiving at our house since we moved in (this will be year 11), and I love it.  But to be honest the menu is getting a little boring; the same foods year, after year, after year.  Last year we tried to mix it up a little bit by doing it buffet-style instead of passing around.  It was good.  I got a triple-crockpots and put creamed corn in one, green beans in another and glazed carrots in the third.  I made the garlic mashed potatoes early and put them in the big crockpot ‘crock’ in the refrigerator.  Then about 1 ½ hours before dinner warmed it up and plugged it in.  We had warming trays too.  All-in-all this worked very well.  We had 18 last year, which is the low norm.

Back to the butcher shop.  This visit I got to talk with the woman who works there.  It seems we have a butcher-woman, as she is the one with all the knowledge.  We had a long talk about Turkey’s and came up with a plan.  We will get 2 smaller birds instead of the 25lb one which is the usual.  We will cook one bird our traditional way, and the other in the smoker.  So we are looking forward to some yummy bird this year.

In the meantime I got some ground sausage, T-bone steaks, and ground chuck I actually watched the grind.  I really do love knowing exactly what is in that package of meat I buy.