The Last One

Izzy_last_day_0948xThe picture is the youngest’s last day being picked up for school. They made their weekly stop at Tim Horton’s for breakfast, and headed to school for the last time.

Now she has had her last day of school, and today was the graduation rehearsal. Saturday she graduates. For many years she has ridden to school with two of her long-time friends. One’s mother goes right by the school on her way to work, so drops them off. For a couple of years the school took the buses away (wanting the get the Levy to pass for the school district). So I would pick the three of them up every day. It was a sad day when they got the buses back. But even so I still picked them up about once a week, just to check in with them all. Now that will end too.

Life is going to change around here. We have no more little ones. Our baby is now going to start college, and is growing up. She is a beautiful girl, inside and out, and I couldn’t be prouder of her. I can now look back and ponder on my little ones. The things I did right, the things I did wrong. But seeing what they have grown up to be, I guess I didn’t do half bad. My biggest hope is that we can learn from how they grew up, so they can raise wonderful children of their own. Or should I say ‘we’. After all, we are a village 🙂