It came with the polish

I did some playing today with still-life. I love having a glass table to work with. But let me tell you what inspired this. I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply yesterday to pick up a few things. Being a hairdresser in a previous life (ok, from age 18-22) I still prefer to shop there for supplies. They had a special; buy two fingernail polishes and get a “Wallet Wristlet” for free. I didn’t realize this sale was going on until I went to the register and she added it to my bag. But when I got it home and looked at it a question came to mind. What on earth can I use this for? I asked the youngest, she examined it, and felt the same way. It has credit card slots on one side side, and a slip-in pocket in the middle which I assume you could put a checkbook in. But who takes checkbooks with them anymore? These days you use checks for those few things like paying for the great-grandparents marriage certificate I ordered. The third panel has no pocket at all, and when you snap it shut it is really flat. So, I Googled it to discover it is actually a pocket for your phone. They do fit, but the florescent pink is just not a color we get into. But I have a few ideas of who might enjoy it 🙂