Being High-Tech

Is this so wrong?  Yes, I have 3 monitors.  Hubby was giving me a hard time this morning about this.  Keeping in mind that he is the epitome of super-geek, he has the whole house networked!  I think, and this is just what I know about, we have about a dozen computers in this house.  Honest! 

Ok, let’s start with my office.  There is of course mine, Hubby’s desk up here, and the one connected to the TV.  Each daughter still at home has both a PC and laptop.  The oldest even managed to get her Dad to give her our netbook for school.  I don’t begrudge her that as her laptop is older, and very heavy to be lugging around campus.  So this brings the total to 8. 

Now, in Hubby’s office we have his work computer and laptop.  But then we have the server, and I believe there is another box set up down there as well.  So that would be 12.  I have forgotten the little tablet we have.  It is a struggling wanna-be.  Poor thing tries, but it just can’t keep up.  Oh, but I forget the pièce de résistance.  If you look closely at the picture to your right you will see that presently there is a keyboard on the convection oven, and yes a monitor above.  This is in the kitchen, number 14.

I have to say, I love being married to a super-geek.  The fact that currently I have more monitors hooked up to one computer than he does, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Don’t get me wrong, I know it won’t last.  He teases about mounting a 60” TV on the wall to use the computer hooked up to the TV with.  I know it is all a case of usage and availability.  When you work in this field, you have to stay current.  When you upgrade, everyone does.  You will notice the monitor in the kitchen is a very old model; at least in monitor years.  When new it was top of the line for graphics, and I got many good years use out of it.  We were talking about my scanner the other day, it too is old.  But it still works, and really well.

So some may say we are tech whores.  I like to think it more as good recycling 🙂