Our 3rd Day in Iceland

Reykjavik is a wonderful place to visit. I very much look forward to going again with Hubby in the future. The youngest and I decided to take a tour bus on our 3rd day there to try and see as much as we could. It was exhausting, but well worth it. I will post a slideshow of some of my favorite pictures here now. But when we get home I will put up some galleries with more.

2 thoughts on “Our 3rd Day in Iceland

  1. Hi Annemarie,
    Just thought I’d check out your website as you gave me your card and said you would be posting some pictures of the South shore tour in Iceland. You got some great shots. To jog your memory, I first met you and your daughter in a coffee shop on June 17th (Iceland’s Independence Day) and then I sat one seat ahead of you both on the South Shore tour. Hope you both enjoyed your stay in England. Best, Carolann Aitken from Canada

    • Hi Carolann, how wonderful to hear from you. We had a wonderful time in England, and then one full day back in Iceland on our way home. We remember that wonderful day we spent with you on the tour, and especially the glacier. The pictures taken that day are some of my very favorite.

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