A Tea Party

On December 21, 2011 my mother had to move in with us.  She had a terrible wound on her foot that she was in a rehab center for.  But her Medicare ran out, and the only other options were to pay the $265 a day, or go on Medicaid.  She was able to move back into her own home on July 30th, and on November 9th we had her final visit with the wound doctor. 

Today her nurse had her final home visit.  We have had Nurse ST since last December.  We had to really fight the system to keep her the whole time.  They wanted to just send who was on rotation, but when you are dealing with this kind of wound you need that familiarity.  Nurse ST was a wound nurse, and she knew her stuff.  She could tell when there was the slightest change and call the doctor to alert them immediately. But not only that, she was just a terrific person.  So we wanted to do something to thank her.  My mother had a plant bought for her, and I made scones so we could have an English Tea.

Being English we used to do ‘tea’ a lot more often.  But the stress of life got in the way and we just haven’t been able to make the time.  So today was the perfect day for the wild child and my oldest to join Mama and I to thank Nurse ST.  It was nice to sit, drink tea, eat scones with raspberry jam and whipped cream, and chat.  No stress, no issues, just a nice visit.  Yes, the English way.

1 thought on “A Tea Party

  1. How nice that you gave Nurse ST an English tea party to thank her for all she did for Auntie Phly – that’s so sweet of you. Bet Nurse ST especially enjoyed being appreciated. Those scones look wonderful! Well done Lil Cuz.
    Love, Big Cuz

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