Capture the Memories

On July 26 and 27, 1968 my father starred as Nanki-Poo in “The Mikado” at the Redlands Bowl in California.  I remember sitting in the bathroom on the edge of the tub watching him apply the stage makeup.  I can still remember the smell today.  I have emailed someone at the Bowl, but haven’t heard back.  I would love to have some photos of the event, and my Daddy in full makeup. I don’t have video of my Dad singing, and there are very few audio recordings either.  That is so wrong.

I am in the process of making a shadow box for Hubby.  It started with a knife and steel that had belonged to his grandfather.  He used to own a grocery store, and used them to butcher meat.  Hubby also worked for a short time as a butcher after high school.  So my thought had been to see if we could find a picture of his grandfather as the butcher to add to the shadow box.  Hubby’s Mom hunted for me, but wasn’t able to find one.

Today I finally did something I keep saying I will, but don’t.  There are so often things I see while out and about that I wish I could capture.  The camera in my phone just doesn’t do justice, so I have started carrying my little Fuji camera in my purse.  I was sitting at a stoplight waiting to turn left.  I pulled up just as it turned red so I knew I would be there for a bit.  Many times I have been at that light and marveled at the view down the street.  Unfortunately even the picture didn’t do it justice.  But now I have the memory captured.

This wasn’t anything like having that picture or recording of my Dad, or even Hubby’s Grandpa, but it is a start.  There needs to be records of the special times, we shouldn’t lose them.

2 thoughts on “Capture the Memories

  1. Oh how creative you are with all your thoughtfull projects, and what a wonderful idea for hubby. Love your photograph too it’s neat. Also, I would have loved to have seen Uncle Fred perform at the Redlands Bowl, but I didn’t arrive in the U.S. from England until September of 1968. Don’t give up hope of getting pictures as maybe it will take a little bit of researching which can take time being that far back. Fingers and toes crossed eh that they’ll come through for you!
    Luv, Big Cuz

  2. love your picture, think you should start a movement to motivate people to capture all things loved.

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