“Guts and Glory”

Sunday night Hubby and I had a date night.  He got us tickets to see “An Evening with Anthony Bourdain; Guts and Glory.”  What a wonderful evening!  We have always enjoyed his shows on the Travel Channel, and Hubby has read a number of his books.  He is controversial at times, and has gotten into trouble for speaking his mind.  But he is entertaining, and we laughed a lot.

My observations of the evening were very interesting.  First there was this sign . . . yes alcohol allowed in the theater.  Now of course our first reaction was that it is Anthony Bourdain, what do you expect.  But before he was introduced we were told that they were trying this out as a new thing.  I do wonder if it was tried out now because it was Anthony Bourdain 🙂

We are people watchers, and enjoy trying to build a story of the people we see.  There were of course a number of people we assumed to be cooks and chefs.  There were a lot of men, but also couples.  Often the women together seemed to be a young and older, like mother and daughter.  The couples averaged late 40’s and up, but there were the occasional younger ones.  One of these younger couples really intrigued us.  In the row in front of us there was a single seat empty until we saw a couple show up at the end of the row.  At first you think, oh no!  Someone has messed up and the seats are off.  But he gave her a kiss and she worked her way to the single seat.  Then we saw words mouthed and hands gesturing and realized he had a seat, but it was a few floors up!  I could see her pull up her Facebook account and writing to him.  Then I noticed there were a lot of people on Facebook posting.

I reflected back to the first concert I ever went to (well besides my Dad’s operas).  It was in Tucson Arizona in about 1976, to see ELO (Electric Light Orchestra).  It was mind-blowing to me, something so new and different.  But now that I look back, the fact that there were so many people smoking pot in the audience just might have had something to do with that . . .