Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving is a very special time around our house.  Everyone knows it is my favorite holiday.  I love that it is all about family and friends being together.  None of that commercial crap, having to buy presents and cards etc.  Just spending time with the ones you love.  That being said . . . I’m pooped!

With Hubby having to work so much overtime lately, I have just lost my internal clock.  I used to get the house all ready the weekend before. Scrubbing the bathrooms, mopping floors, dusting, deep vacuuming, and sometimes even going so far as to wash windows if the weather was nice enough.  But we lost the weekend, and then Monday somehow disappeared too.  So yesterday I found myself realizing it was only 2 days away.  But what really sucked was that Hubby was actually on vacation, so who cares about scrubbing the toilet!!  So we didn’t.  We just had a fun day with just a little prepping here and there.  So today thankfully both girls were off school, and we managed to get pretty much everything done.

This year we are only having 17 for dinner.  It hasn’t been that low since 2004.  We have 2 turkeys totaling almost 20lbs.  One for the smoker, and one for the over.  We have a tradition, every Thanksgiving eve we sit around the table tearing up bread for the stuffing. This year it was Hubby, wild child, the youngest, and me.  I love those simple traditions as we spent the whole time laughing and just enjoying being together.  Tomorrow is going to be the usual wonderful, love-filled, yummy day.