2016 Kinship Family Fair

Recently the youngest and I did a photo shoot for the 9th Annual Kinship Family Fair. This is the third year for me, but the first for her. To learn more about the program, you can read the post from my first time here, and last year here.

_MG_8653-lr_xPhotographing this fair is something very dear to my heart. The Kinship program does such wonderful things for those children not being raised by their parents, and the people who have taken them into their homes and hearts.

This year again we took family portraits. That is the main reason I took the youngest with me. We went earlier in the week to scout out the site, and find the right place to photograph. We set up on some picnic tables behind the building the event was in. When we got there it was very grey outside, so we had a flash and reflectors ready to go. The shoot went very well until the sun came out. Fortunately, this was towards the end, so there were only about 3-4 families left. But we all just played it up, and they turned out great. I have never been one for formal portraits. So having the silly and fun interactions mean so much more.

This year was especially wonderful because of what happened when the event was winding up. One of the grandfather’s we had photographed came up to us. He said that he learned more in that one day than he had ever learned in one day in his life. We were thrilled, so I went to tell the Director. She was so touched, but mostly because it was affirmation that they are making a difference.

So another successful year, and I hope we will be able to be part of many more.

Backpacks full of school supplies provided free for each child.

Backpacks full of school supplies provided free for each child.