Expanding My Horizons

Last year the oldest, wild child, and I went to West Virginia for our cousin’s graduation. On the way back we had to stop at a yarn store the wild child had discovered. Now, keep in mind that at that time the only real knitting I had ever done was the basic knit/purl my Nana taught me as a child. I had always said I would leave the knitting to her as she was so wonderful at it. So it was the one craft I chose not to really work at. But my daughters have all worked at a craft store, the same one, so they all either knit or crochet.

_mg_9912_xWhile walking around the store in West Virginia I saw a blanket called “The Great American Afghan”. I became very interested in it because it was like a quilt, 12×12 knitted squares. Each square was different, made with different techniques. I showed it to the wild child and her comment was, “if you do that you will know just about every stitch there is!” What a great idea!

_mg_9913_xNow in the book they have a list of the easiest squares, and the more challenging. I started with #14, it was a great one to start with. The wild child walked me through reading the pattern, and off I went.

The next one was #20, not on either list, but even though I didn’t get it quite right, it was fairly easy.


I then did #13, with the trees on it. That one was fun, so I made a pillow out of it for a Christmas present. Next I decided to do the one on the top of the easy list #3. OMG!!! This square was the square from hell. How could you possibly call it easy? I must have restarted it 20 times. I would constantly get lost, and just pulled the stitches out. By the time I was done I felt like a real pro, but what a challenge.


Please note none of these have been blocked.

I am happy to say I am back at it with #25 (bottom right corner of the book cover). It is so much easier than #3, and should be on the easy list instead.

In the end this is turning out to be a wonderful experience. All three of my girls have helped me at one time or another. There is something very gratifying about your children teaching you something they have a passion for. It is something I would definitely recommend <3