Happy New Year, 2017!!

We rang in the new year starting a new tradition.  We have been Diablo players around here for quite a long time. We also do not care for being out on the roads on New Year’s Eve. So, this year we connected with the 4 of us, Hubby, me, the wild child (from her house) and youngest. We played just until midnight, then called the wild child and counted down to the new year together. The next day Hubby announced that we were going to make this an annual thing and invited all the family to join in.

Yesterday I did something that really excited me. It is said that those who give will receive so much more. I certainly felt that way. We had our Christmas with the family we didn’t see on Christmas day. I had this idea to present each family member with an old family photo and brief history of the person in it. Because I have also done my daughter & son-in-law’s genealogy, I could even include them. I had everyone open them all together, and then go around the table explaining who each person was and a little about them. It was just so wonderful.


One of my greatest joys is that I have been entrusted with archiving so much of my family’s history. I will admit I have so much that even I haven’t been able to get through it all, and who knows when I actually will. I have boxes and boxes of wonderful discoveries. I get so excited when I think about what there is to find. I dug through an old trunk of my mother’s and found an old scrapbook from when she and my dad were on the stage. My mother-in-law had boxes packed up with many old pictures and scrapbooks. I spent hours going through them. I was so excited to find an old scrapbook of her mother’s that she actually wrote the names of people on the back. What a treasure. Also one my father-in-law’s mother did that answered some questions I had. The latest is a box of photos my cousin gave me that we are trying to identify people in. All these have to be scanned in and cataloged. Such a project, but that is my New Year’s resolution. To set up a scanning schedule, and stick to it. A little daunting, but obtainable 😛