Have I mentioned before – It’s my own fault?

Lately Hubby has been going outside his comfort zone.  Doing things he doesn’t usually do.  I’m not talking crazy things, or extreme.  Things like having me cut off his hair, wearing a bandana like the guys on “Duck Dynasty” (love that show).  But this has to have crossed the line.

What you are looking at to the left is the back wall of the kitchen.  Below you will see that it has been cut down.  Sorry I couldn’t find a better ‘before’ picture, as it was such a shock I didn’t take a ‘before’ one.  Ok, let me explain.  My husband is very methodical about planning things out before he begins any project.  It got to the point that I actually gave his Dad the sledgehammer to make the first hole in the wall we wanted to tear down just to get him started.  For a couple of years I have mentioned that I wished the counter wasn’t so high, but we just couldn’t figure out a way to make it work.  The biggest problem being the stove is too tall.  So the idea just sat on the back burner.

Now to add to this story is the fact that since we moved into this house 10 years ago we have always had multiple projects going.  The most recent, the walk-in closet I have written about here.  But what I haven’t mentioned is that currently we only have one working toilet.  The wild child and her Dad tore out the downstairs toilet and paneling on the walls.  The new toilet is going in as soon as we get the new wallboard (the one we want is out of stock).  So when Hubby started talking about putting in a new bathroom upstairs I put my foot down.  “No new big projects until every single one in progress is done!”  I would love to just enjoy our home for a while.  So he asked me, “Is cutting down the wall a ‘big’ project?  I told him not really, it is something he could probably do in a weekend.  The next thing I know is the Sawzall is going and here we are, no wall.

To be continued . . .