Anderson Ferry, Boone County Kentucky

The youngest and I recently went on a ramble to the border of Ohio and Kentucky. We were just wandering around and saw a simple sign that said “Ferry” with an arrow. So we followed the signs to find ourselves on a very narrow and steep road, heading down to the Ohio river. Unfortunately for the youngest, she was driving. She has only had her license for about a year, so this was a real test of skills for her, and she did very well. When we came out at the bottom we found ourselves at the Anderson Ferry.

This absolutely thrilled me. This ferry has been functioning since 1817. It will celebrate its 200th birthday this summer. This was amazing to us. So I had to get out and photograph it in action.

In August 1817 George Anderson bought a ferry boat and started taking people, wagons and horses across the Ohio river.

Boone #7 was the first ferry built out of steel. First with a boiler taken from #6, then converted to diesel electric. Now they use a tug and converted barge as a ferryboat.

This part of the country has had some pretty wet weather lately, so the river was even muddier than usual. We very much look forward to going back and photographing it when everything is green and colorful. The fact that people are still using this ferry, and all the history of this place, is just such a wonderful thing.