Watching Things Grow

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and we hosted a Mother’s Day Brunch. It was a bit off for Hubby and me as neither of our Moms could be there. His is in Florida, and mine is still at the rehab. But, as always, it turned out to be a wonderful time. We had 7 Moms to celebrate with. Hubby’s brother’s family came, so his wife, and she brought her mom. My good friend (who I go on the photo trips with) came with her mother-in-law. The youngest’s best friend since 1st grade brought his mother, then my daughter-in-law, and me! We had great food, the best of company (all my kids were here), and we even had Facetime calls with their Grandma’s in Arizona, and Florida. After everyone left we headed down to the rehab and took my Mom a care package of yummy food. All-in-all a wonderful day.

I had my first real grandmother experience recently. Yes, this was my first Mother’s Day as a grandmother, but that wasn’t it. My grandson has been having ear infection trouble. After two rounds of antibiotics, the doctor decided to try shots this time. He had the first shot at the appointment, and then I took him the next two days for the rest. The last time was the roughest for him. He is such a happy boy; always smiling and giggling. But three days in a row, and this nurse wasn’t as good as the previous ones, so it took a little cuddling to get him past it. As we waited the obligatory 20 minutes (to make sure he has no reactions), we sat in the room just rocking. I looked down at this sweet little boy’s head, and it took me back to the many times I would sit and cuddle his father. Yes, a real grandmother moment. You know how you will often have these moments, and wish you had a camera? Well, I did!

What a treasure. The photo, the moment, the connection, the memories. Those simple moments in life, the littlest thing, that glimpse of something so very special.

His Daddy stopped by today. He was early for a meeting nearby, so just popped in. The oldest was here to plant their Mother’s Day gifts for me; a tomato plant, some cilantro, and basil. I am really going to enjoy watching everything grow <3