New Toy!

Yes, believe it or not I am making two posts in one day!

I have a new toy – a ProMaster LED 160 light. I have had the thought for quite some time – Using a constant light instead, or with, a flash. I was watching a webcast on KelbyOne with Rick Sammon. He was in Venice photographing people dressed up for Carnival. People were in fancy costumes, and white face masks. In order to brighten them up he was using the ProMaster light. What a difference it made. So I quickly went online and found one. I have been having a blast. My youngest brought me home some flowers a few days earlier. They were getting a little wilted, but still good enough to play with. These alien looking ones were kinda neat. I had to ask around to find out they are Safflowers.

We will be able to use the light next time we are in Arizona. It will light up the cactus in the dark so much better. It is so interesting how such a little thing can make such a difference in what you can do.