On the road

On the road . . . but now we are home.  We had a wonderful time visiting cousins in New Jersey for the youngest Spring Break.  We drove the trip in one day, but this trip I did something different.  Last month the oldest and wild child made the same trip to visit the same cousins.  The oldest had the camera, and took random pictures from the car along the way.  It was really neat to see their trip that way.  So not wanting the have pictures of the exact same scenery I decided to focus on old barns.  Well ‘focus’ is relative when you are flying by at 65mph.  But here is some of what you will see in the middle of the winter driving from Ohio to New Jersey.

barn_0297When looking at some of these old structures it really makes you think about life when they were built.  I have often thought about this when we moved from out west. barn_0328 There 150 years is old, here you are looking at twice that.  As a lover of antiques 150 years is a big difference.


We did have a few show flurries, but overall it was a nice drive out.



End of day one.

End of day one.