On the road, Part II

On day two we headed to Philadelphia.  bus_0589We used a ‘Groupon’ for tickets on the Philadelphia Sightseeing Tours double decker bus.  Now as someone who is somewhat physically challenged (fibromyalgia sucks), we thought this would be a good way to reduce the walking a bit.  It was great, and we really enjoyed doing it even if it did get a bit cold towards the end. But we barely scratched the surface of all the things to see and do there.  philly_0419So for anyone going to see Philadelphia here is my suggestion.   Don’t think you can do it in a day.  Do the bus tour the first day and see everything from the bus.  Then on other days you can pick which things you really want to see.  We will go again, so we can spend a few hours in each attraction like the museums and the penitentiary, and take the time to walk around Chinatown.

hardrock_0423Another hint, get there early to get your tickets for Independence Hall to see the Liberty Bell.  They are free, but first come, first serve.  We were there just after 10am and they were all gone.

This trip we did have lunch at the Reading Terminal; yes a Philly Cheesesteak, YUMMY!  I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of it.  But I was so taken by everything that was going on around me.  It is a place you could sit for hours and just watch everything going by.  Let alone all there is to see there.  Our cousins were raving about a place to get gelato, and they were so right!

crazy_wall_0603After lunch we walked.  We saw some wonderful and strange things.  I took some quirky photographs to play with too.

city_tavern_0647We ended the day at the “City Tavern” for dinner.  We were still full from lunch, but just had to try something.

city_tavern_chop_0653So Hubby ordered the Pork Chop “Apple-Wood Smoked” (Salt cured & smoked, Pennsylvania Dutch style sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, Dijon mustard).

city_tavern_wiener_schnitzel_0656I had Wiener Schnitzel (Pan-fried breaded veal cutlet, pommes frites & vegetables).  I also had their apple cider which was really delicious.  Needless to say we took a lot home with us.


There was even live music by a harpist.  city_tavern_glasses_0663He was dressed in colonial garb, as well as all the rest of the staff.

One of the younger cousins gave us some music too!

The trip home was a blur as we were happily exhausted.