What is art?

“What is junk to some, can be art to another.”  I have heard that many times.  Oh there are those pretentious artsy types who act like they know what they are talking about, but clearly don’t.  Then there are people like me, I know what I like.  It doesn’t mean anyone else has to like it.  Well if I put it in the house I try to make sure Hubby at least will tolerate it.

martinis_sign_0880When we were in Ocean City we were walking around one of the stores and this sign caught my eye and made me smile.  It was way up on the wall, so we couldn’t reach it.  But as I continued to walk around the store I found myself looking back over at it and smiling.  I told Hubby I wanted it.  His response was “where will you put it?”  I thought for a second and said “I don’t know.  But it makes me smile, so I want it.”  Right now it is propped up on the bar.  I pass it many times a day, and I smile, so it stays there.

It got me to thinking about decorating the house.  I have always had ‘themes’ in a room.  It started way back when I was a 20-year-old newlywed and had received the neatest wedding gift.  A full matching bathroom set.  This included the shower curtain, towels, trash can, and other matching things.  From there it just grew.   10 years later it looked like this.


Yes, owls everywhere!   The kicker here is that this was such a good set that I had it until we moved into a new house that had a glass door on the tub/shower about 5-6 years later!

I digress, just a little.  My point . . . rooms with a theme.  So the living room has always been southwestern.  Not because it was ‘in’, but because we lived there; Arizona, and then Wyoming.  Things were added, but most had a meaning, or were gifts from someone special.  So the living room stays southwestern.  I have quite a few oriental things because I grew up around them.  They give me a sense of peace and comfort.  In other words, they make me feel good.

Now we are redoing our bedroom.  I don’t want a ‘theme’ per se, but rather a feel.  So we are going with the things that are special to us.  We will bring things in, and just find a home for them.  No rhyme or reason, just what we like.  It will be interesting to see what the end result will be . . .

One thought on “What is art?

  1. Hi Cuz: I remember your owl art. You once sent me the neatest framed picture of three owls on a branch with one hanging upside down and it said something like “nobody is perfect” and you’d crossed stitched the whole thing, and I just loved it but it got misplaced many years ago, but I still remember it as it was one of my favorite things, and it made me smile whenever I looked at it ’cause it reminded me you’d made it for me. It was way back when you hand-made all your gifts that you gave and that was extra special too.

    I’m also wondering where the Blue Dolphon Bar & Grill is as I wanna try one of those martinis!

    Love ya,
    Big Cuz

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