Moving Along

furniture_moving_1860We are another step closer as the newest acquisition is proving its worth.  We got the furniture moved out of our garage and over to the oldest’ garage.  But that wasn’t the biggest joy of the day.  It was that we got to spend it with our son and his fiancée.

We are going through transitions in the family on a number of levels.  Our son graduated from college and moved out.  Then he got engaged on Thanksgiving Day 2011.  The wedding is in August, and coming quickly.  They are planning their future, but one thing I really appreciate is their approach.  They came up with ideas, and then approached the people they knew would have the best advice.  My mother-in-law is a realtor, so she is the one to ask about buying a house.  He has a small inheritance from my father that is managed by our financial planner.  So they made an appointment to speak with him.  He gave them ‘homework’, so they came to us to understand what it all meant.  My point is that they are doing it for themselves, but tapping into the right people at the right time.  Being independent, but also being smart.  I guess those college degrees were really worth it 🙂

This weekend the wild child graduates with her Bachelors in Art, with a Minor in Criminal Justice.  We make a point of including it all as she took 6 years to get it.  But along the way she tried different things, learned different things, and has made herself a much fuller person because of it.  She has decided to go on for her Masters, but now is on the search for what area to study.  The world is open to her.  She can go any direction she wants.  What a wonderful place to be.  But also what a scary place to be.

Next we will have the oldest wedding in October 2014 to plan for.  Not to leave the youngest out, but she just started driving lessons.  We all know what a landmark time that is for a 16-year-old.  But last night I had a craving, that pure joy of snuggling a baby.  Yes, the grandma bug is raising its ugly head.  But I realize that everything is in its time.  I will admit that not having little ones around for some time has been a joy as well.  I mean let’s get honest.  When we are stuck at home with a brood of kids we relish the thought that someday the house will be quiet.  There will not constantly be messes to clean up or worse yet, bored kids to try and find things to entertain them with.  But then we get those clean rooms, and stress free days, and miss that chaos.  So we now start our adventure into the next part of lives.