Visiting the BIG City

Well it has taken me some time to back to writing. After my one day back from Canada the wild child and I set out for our day in New York City. We drove out to New Jersey to stay with the cousins, and the NJ Mom, and NJ Daughter were to go with us to the City. The next morning we got on the train and met up with my paternal cousin and her boyfriend at Penn Station. They were visiting from England for a week to do nothing but roam around New York City with their cameras and photograph. So we joined them for the day.

can_you_believe_the_leftovers_1511_cropsmWe grabbed some lunch, but the meals were so ridiculously big! NJ Mom’s leftovers were enough to feed two more people! There were so many wonderful things to see and photograph. We thoroughly enjoyed the day, and the company.












heading_home_1633_smAs we made our way back home we talked and talked. It was a wonderful trip. Not just the adventure or the time spent with our cousins, but getting to spend time with my daughter. She is 25 now, she has graduated from college, and her life is all ahead of her. This trip was special, and something I will remember forever. For the laughs, the connection, the togetherness, but mostly for the time with my wild child.kissing_ginger_beer_sm

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