A Robin’s Nest Outside My Window


On Facebook I have been keeping a running tab on a robin’s nest outside my window. The Wild Child and I went on a road trip this last week, so rather than bombard Facebook with the ending story, I decided to do it here. But for those not on Facebook, let me recap.

In early April a Mama Robin set up housekeeping in the basketball hoop outside my home office window.  We watched, and waited and then we saw the Papa.robins_nest_4749_med






And then one baby, another, and we had four!


We watched the Mama and Papa take care of the babies.


In some pretty wet weather too.


But then the day came when the wild child and I had to leave on our trip. I took one last picture out of my window. You can just see the beak of baby #4 peeking out of the nest. But I was really afraid that this would be the last I would see of our baby robins.


I left my old camera with Hubby and the Youngest to try and catch some shots of the babies leaving the nest, and we set off on our trip. They got some beautiful shots too!

robins_nest_1984xThe nest was sure getting crowded! Then the morning came when 2 were gone.

robins_nest_1986xThe next day there was only one left . . .


And then there were none –


A few days later we get home. Hubby is sad to report that the nest is empty and all the birds are gone. But he does have all the wonderful pictures for us to see. We are thrilled, but sad to have missed it all.

But wait . . . this morning I get up to see Hubby getting the camera and heading for the kitchen window. What do we see in the driveway, but the whole family! Mama, Papa, and four baby birds!

Mom telling it like it is.

Mom telling it like it is.

Dad and son having a serious man-to-man talk.

Dad and son having a serious man-to-man talk.

Chow time!

Chow time!

On the perch.

On the perch.

Not the best pictures, as taken through a dirty window with the old camera. But you get the fun of it. Our little family of robins are growing up in our front yard.  Pretty cool if you ask me 🙂