A Dog’s Day

Life certainly has been a bit busy lately. This is both good and bad. Good, in that I am getting a lot accomplished. I am learning a lot, and growing a lot, and this is a good thing. But, my body is yelling at me a bit too. Yesterday I had a down-day as Hubby tore apart my computer in order to upgrade it. With all the ‘busy’ I really need an upgrade! Everything went smoothly until my email, it is being a pain. But as far as upgrades go, so far so good. I now have Windows 8, it will take getting used to just like every other time there is change. For the moment I only have two monitors; now that is something that would drive me nuts. But a new video card is on its way and will be here in a few days. Then I will be back to four monitors again, and I am sure soon Hubby will have the email issue worked out.

Now Saturday the wild child and I went to a local fundraiser for the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center at Bark Park. I was asked to take pictures so they could use them for their webpage, Facebook etc., so I was happy to go. Here is a link to the gallery to see them: http://www.halfpapdesigns.com/photo_galleries/bark_park_bake_sale_060714/

So, what did I learn from this? Well, dogs make wonderful models. The only time I had issues getting a photo of a dog was because of their ‘person’. Some just kept getting dragged around, so I wasn’t able to capture them. But others gave me some wonderful faces. One in particular, #32, I just fell in love with. He literally smiled for the camera in #47. His buddy, #29-31, had the most wonderfully expressive face (the pictures are numbered in the gallery).


On the more technical side, I need to work on camera settings for mid-day. I had my new 70-200mm lens, and we were either out in the sun or under a shelter shooting out into the sun, and that caused some issues. I don’t think I did too badly actually, but until I have had this new lens for a while, and know it better, that just means taking more pictures.