Digging and Fishing and more . . .

We have some catching up to do. The last couple of weeks have been very busy and wonderful all wrapped up. The day I wrote my last post I started on a genealogy project. I was going to make a family tree poster for a friend’s birthday present. I knew enough about her family that with my 30+ years of research experience I felt confident in finding enough to make the poster and frame it. It went ballistic! I ended up going back to when one branch came to America in 1705. Needless to say, 10 days is not long enough to do a family tree and have everything verified and accurate. So the tree isn’t finished and she got a ‘draft’ book. But I am looking forward to finishing it for her in the future.

Well ten days might have been enough time if I had been doing nothing else, because a couple day into it the kids and I headed down to the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky. Now I took the camera as a challenge because you can’t use your flash in there, and boy what a challenge.

The youngest has now taken an interest in photography, so I have given her my old camera. We have discovered that it was the 18-55mm lens that had been causing all the problems with it. The thing is that you would still have problems even after you took the lens off the camera, so it didn’t click at first. Anyway, because she only had the 70-300mm lens to shoot with we had to share my camera. Well, let’s say she used my camera. So a couple of my fish from the Newport Aquarium 🙂


na_062014_7206x na_062014_7220x

For me the learning experience was definitely having to account for the ‘glass’, or acrylic, between you and the fish. This can get really bad and distorting when you go through the tunnels. This is a cool place to look at the fish, and especially the bigger ones like sharks etc., but not photographing them. The youngest learned a lot too. After we left the aquarium we went to eat and it rained, and rained. She had some real fun taking pictures then.

We only had one day off and then the two of us headed up to Columbus to the museum for “A House Divided: Civil War Reenactment”. This time she her own camera, and we had an absolute blast! But those pictures are still to come as the following week was so full I have only had the chance to play with a few. Then Wednesday I did a photo shoot for one of the wild child’s friends who wanted a headshot. All the while I am working on the genealogy project. You know what? I love my life 🙂