The Pow Wow at SunWatch

Yes, crazy I know, two posts in one day! But after the day we had I just have to post it here. As planned the youngest and I went to SunWatch for the Pow Wow. We got there early and found the perfect place to sit so we wouldn’t have too much sky in the background. Again we were there on a day it was threatening to rain and the sky was overcast and grey. But as we waited the sun started to burn its way through the clouds. We were getting some beautiful shots as the entrance ceremony began. They asked two Veterans to come up and carry the US flag and the POW/MIA flag. Then they and two Indians carrying their flags led the entry ceremony.

sunwatch_062914_7934_cropxThe MC told us about a 5-year-old little girl they had been following up on from yesterday. It took a while to get the whole story, but to sum it up she was severely burned and air lifted from Mississippi to Cincinnati for care. Her family followed by car, but unfortunately the car was probably not able to make the return trip. One of the elders had received a call for help for the family, and as the story unfolded some men placed a blanket on the ground and without a word people started line up to walk to the blanket and place bills on it. I immediately realized what they were doing, so pulled out some money and handed it to my youngest and told her to follow suit. She did, standing so tall as I sat there choked up. When she walked back to me we sat there with tears welling in our eyes, leaning together, as more and more people walked to the blanket. There was a wonderful silence, and then the music of a beautiful song. It was then announced – $605.00 was collected today for the family. A cheer erupted and the clapping went on for a long time. It was an experience that we will never ever forget.

Here is the link to the Gallery of the picture I took today, enjoy! SunWatch June 29, 2014