100 Day Challenge Ends . . .

The 100 Days of Happiness Challenge ended yesterday. It was an interesting experience in a number of ways. That morning I woke up to a post from a cousin of mine who lives half-way around the world. We met through family tree researching I can’t remember how long ago, and have been email, Instant Messenger, and Facebook friends ever since. She has been following my 100 day posts, and she wrote “So sad tomorrow is day 100. I’m in mourning.” Some other friends and family had also made comments about how they didn’t want me to stop. So I had some real heartfelt feedback urging me to keep going. This made me really think about what I am doing. What is it that I am writing that makes them want me to keep doing it?

Every day I think about what happened that day that made me happy and I post it. People I know will log on looking to read what I have posted just to be able to read something they know will be happy. You have a guaranteed feel-good, but also one you are connected to. As the day went by I heard from more people, some I didn’t even know had been followers of the 100 days. So I really started to think about what I was going to write as my 100th day post. How should I end it? Should I end it? I didn’t really want to keep counting days. And the pressure of having to post every single day was a little taxing. But driving home from the youngest Color Guard family performance last night we hit on it. I have “Infinite Days of Happiness.” I don’t have to count them, I don’t have to stop living them, and I don’t have to stop sharing them. Just because I have reached 100 doesn’t mean they have to end, it just means that the next stage is beginning.

On my 100th day I made some big moves to change my life for the better. To fill my life with positive things, people, and projects. To limit the negativity I allow in my life. Oh there are things you just can’t avoid, like taxes, car maintenance, laundry, and so on. But you can always look on the bright side and remind yourself that in order to pay the taxes you have to be making money. To maintain a car you need to have the car, clothes to wash etc. So be grateful for having the things that need the care and let’s move on to more happy things.

One thought on “100 Day Challenge Ends . . .

  1. Howdy Cuz: Well, I’ve not been following your 100 Day Challenge ’cause as you know I’m probably the only one in the world not on Facebook! I know, I know, I’m behind the times, especially at a time like this when I’ve missed all your postings of what made you happy each day – boo hoo, I’m sorry! But, knowing what a positive person you are, and how well received your “happy” postings have been, you really should continue. You always were a happy and smiling little girl and wanted to spread joy. So keep going kiddo because the World needs lots of happy and positive thoughts truly it does. Love, Big Cuz

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