Confucius say . . .

I posted this on Facebook today –

“111 – I have been having conversations lately with a number of people in my life whose opinions I respect very much. The main reason being the desire to answer that illusive question, How to be Happy? Those of you who have been following my Days of Happiness know I have been writing a lot about just that. But as I approached my 100th day the question came up whether I should keep going or not. On day 106 someone on my friends list decided to leave Facebook and messaged me to say goodbye. On day 108 I even posted how depressing it was when I scrolled down my news feed that day. Even today it is still about 50/50.

So I wonder, what drives people to share all this negative stuff? Do people really want to read it? I know I don’t, and I know the people I have talked with don’t. We find ourselves scrolling down our newsfeeds skipping over certain people’s posts because we know we won’t want to read them. But then why don’t we “unfollow” them? Because we might miss something important, that’s why. After all most are your “friends” for a reason. We read the good and the bad. So often the bad is put there for reasons beyond just to put up something bad. It could be a cry for help. But then we have the one that puts up the post because it is just something they like. So how are we supposed to know? It is still all very confusing . . .

I think I have figured it out. Confucius say the reason my sayings are so important and mean so much is because all they do is lead back to the root of my name . . . confusion.

So, my Dad was right. The best solution, the number one important thing over every other thing is HUMOR. So my solution is to not take things so seriously. I will continue to skip over the posts I just don’t want to read, or some days I will just not look. If I don’t post here on some days, I may post on my blog instead. Because the best way to be happy is to not lose your sense of humor.”

izzy_tally_081714_8904xplaying_081714_8928xOn Sunday I was playing with my camera. I recently got a new 50mm lens and was playing with it in low light in my office (keep in mind I was playing so not perfect pics). I got some wonderful pictures of the wild child’s puppy Tally.

Well Molly, hubby’s dog, is our princess and she doesn’t pose. She has a beautiful face, and when I do get a picture of her it is beautiful. But it is pretty much the same every time. Tally, on the other hand, has character, and many faces. So Molly was just sleeping on the couch ignoring us as usual. That was until we started to call her name. Then she let us know how she really felt. This is where the joy comes in. I laughed so hard my side hurt. It has been a long time since someone stuck their tongue out at me, but even longer since a dog has!