Jun 23

Mama Bear is known for altering her reality, wait that’s not quite right, but when we have family gatherings it is difficult to have everyone in the picture when someone has to take the picture.  I know, a tripod and timer would be so easy, but I guess that is not challenging enough for her.  Mama Bear has the solution for that, in that she has become very good at altering reality, I mean cloning in the person taking the picture, which is almost always her.  Her expertise has come from restoring hundreds of old or damaged photos, so it is well and truly earned, as well as being a gift she has developed into quite the skill.

At a recent family gathering she again worked her magic.  Father’s Day 2013 we had a great brunch and a good time with my folks and at least some of the kids.  But this time, she was in a hurry because she is working on a special project that has a deadline, so she was just a little distracted, either that or I have proof she is a vampire…  If you look closely at the mirror, my Dad has his arm around empty air… I’m going with the vampire theory, it explains so much…

The truth comes out, this explains a few things...

The truth comes out, this explains a few things…


We are smoking again today, in spite of the fact I have to work.  In IT, working weekends and odd hours is expected.  After all you have to do/fix things when no one else is working on them.

During a recent grocery run, I think I got carried away.  I picked up a couple pork shoulder/Boston butt package totaling 19+ pounds, along with a few other things.  Like a brisket and a pork shoulder picnic, which I’ve never done before.  So I’m thinking we might be smoking every weekend for the next couple of weeks.  I also have some ideas on some more bacon.

But today we worship at the almighty alter of the pig.  I’m doing the butt/shoulders, but I’m doing two different rubs.  My best friend is having some issues with food allergies, so his diet has been restricted while they sort things out.  It is a challenge and I don’t mind one of those.  So, one got a new rub with an interesting combination, I’m not quite sure how to classify it.  Salt and pepper of course, Turmeric, some Cinnamon  and fresh Ginger.  I’m not sure if that is a combination of a specific nationality, maybe an Indian influence(?), but it smelled pretty good put me in mind of Cincinnati chili without the chili.

The other was a more traditional rub.  Salt and pepper again of course, some chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder a little smoked paprika, because who couldn’t use a little more smoke on a smoked meat… 😀

I was setting things up last night at around 11, unfortunately I did the math and it told me I needed to put the big one on at around 2 AM.  Hmm, it is 11 PM now, the meat needs to come out and rest before going in, so that means if I get into bed right this second and fell right asleep, I would get 2 hours of sleep, then whatever naps I thought I could slip in while monitoring the smoker.  With having to work this morning, and so needing to be somewhat more than a sleep deprived zombie, I decided I was just going to have to cheat.

Normal convention is an hour and a half per pound in the smoker, but you can combine that time with the way some restaurants do it, which is in an oven.  Because after all how many restaurants actually have areal smoking pit out back for their BBQ?  So combining methods, I can afford to get some sleep, still get the meat in the smoker before 8 AM, then pull it from the smoker and go to the convection oven in the afternoon to finish it off.  The argument is it isn’t going to be as tender because the finish isn’t as slow.  The reality in my experience, is it may or may not be, but it is still damn good pulled pork. 😀

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