A new chapter in life

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Aug 6

The last couple months have been hectic to say the least, but the culmination was this weekend when my son and new daughter-in-law were married.

A beautiful beginning

A beautiful beginning

I am very proud of him, he is stepping into their new life, he has a career in something he has a passion for and they are establishing themselves right from the beginning.  They have their own home and are both happily pursuing their careers, but most of all are happy together.

Then to top it off we had an open house for the oldest’s 30th birthday.  Lots of friends, family and food.  It was a wonderful celebration to continue the weekend.

Of course I had to smoke.  22 pounds, count them twenty-two pounds of beef, went into the smoker.  A nice 15 pound chuck roll in 2 pieces went in at 2 AM Sunday morning (I really should have started it at midnight… LOL) then the brisket went in around 6 AM.  It was a long night with only a few naps in between tending the smoker and moving meat around.

The wild child did Hawaiian burgers and mustard chicken on the grill and we had raw veggies with dipping sauces, corn on the cobs, baked beans, potato salad and coleslaw, along with various other fixings.  The oldest’s fiance’s parents brought wonderful desserts and salads.  It was a great party that lasted all day.

We have had family in from all over the country (and Canada), so we had a full house the whole time and I think a good time was had by all.

I managed to finish the fireplace and I think I got every one of the “little” jobs I either never finished or needed to do except maybe one or two.  And of course the basement still needs to be done, but we made a lot of progress in the last month and the house was admired by all.  Mama Bear says I need to add one more piece of trim that I didn’t plan on since it will make it even on both sides, but I think it looks good.  I’ll post more on that transformation later.

Mama Bear said I cleaned up pretty good for an old bear…  This is a photo I will keep with me.

The family continues

The family continues


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