Sunday morning smoke

posted by mark
Sep 1

I haven’t smoked anything since the weekend of the wedding.  Mama Bear tells me I’m going through withdrawal, but  I think it is just been the recovery period following the wedding prep and big day.

Yesterday she informs me that she has the oldest child’s password for “The Knot”, to which my response was… wait for it… “Bondage”?  I knew it was wedding related but I just couldn’t pass up the reference… 😀

But back to the smoking.  Mama Bear brought me home a package of a couple pork butts from Sam’s on Friday, so I decided to do one with a “normal” pork rub of mine and the other in a marinade from a BBQ sauce I made a few weeks ago that most of us liked, even though it was a little spicy.  The Wild Child has been living on it I think and she practically begged me not to use it all up last night when I was prepping the meat.  I think I could have extorted all kinds of chores around the house at that moment.

As we were going towards the bedroom last night Mama Bear posed the question, what is it about smoking that makes a “normal” mid-life kind of guy willing to give up sleeping in on the weekend just to do it.  The first thing through my mind, which I was intelligent enough not to say, was “What about me is normal?”.  However I did point out there was a possibility I would have been up that early anyway, so it wasn’t like I was passing up sleeping in.

I wanted to make some more bacon, but I decided I wanted it a little leaner than the last time.  I just wasn’t really happy with the pork belly from the butcher.  So I started out with two pork butts last night, this morning I have two pork butts and about 2 pounds of nice pork that is going to become bacon over the next week or so.

OK, the meat is in the smoker, the smoke is coming out the top, and my flight simulator is fired up, so I’m off to 14,000 feet for a few hops around the continent.  I’ll try to remember to do pictures later maybe…

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