Oct 13

It seems sad to title a weekend as “surviving”, but then again, day to day life around here stays hectic pretty much every day, so weekend is just another day for a different kind of work.

Mama Bear is pounding into me that I need to focus more on life, and less on working, regardless of the source of the work, so this weekend when mama bear and the wild child headed for our local hippy town crafts festival, I spent yesterday in the garage working on a long overdue project.

I love my smoker, and while I am contemplating a larger one, I will enjoy the one I have as much as I can.  I had a bar stool type chair by it for a while to use as a resting place for trays and tools and what not, but I wanted something with a little better storage options.  So when the wild child was gearing up to build her sculpture pedestal, I had her buy me some supplies.  I actually had her buy more for herself, without her knowledge, because I knew she couldn’t do what she wanted with what she thought she needed to buy, experience has to count for something… LOL

So yesterday I set out to put something together…


My new smoking worktable

My new smoking worktable

I plan on putting a back on it and two doors on the front, but not enough supplies were on hand, so I will need another run to the store…  so sad… 😀

Today, although you can’t really tell in this photo, I am smoking half of the bacon I prepped, the other half will go on tomorrow.  There’s that need a bigger smoker… LOL

But hey, it’s bacon. Today’s bacon, which once I finish smoking it will have to be chilled overnight and then sliced, is a maple (yes real Canadian maple syrup was used) and a spiced bacon.  I admit I am curious about the spiced bacon, it has a touch of sweetness from brown sugar and molasses and a hint of spice from ginger and a few other things.  Since I tried out 4 different recipes I hope we get some real winners out of these batches, we’ll see.

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