We have not been much in the Christmas spirit lately.  The only decorations that were out was the 3′ tall lighted Christmas Winnie the Pooh out front and the wild child had put a big ribbon and bow on the front door.

We seem to have lost this entire weekend, which is another story about phones and AT&T, which will be coming soon I promise.  But that is a long and ugly story, and this one is about Christmas.  Tonight, after a long and stressful weekend, the spirit jumped out of the closet going full bore.

Baby Bear and the Wild Child went to a Christmas party for the store they work at and were going to be gone most of the evening, not to return until after 8 PM.  Mama Bear and I were home alone, but were both in a sort of funk; too many things happening, too much stress from both internal and external family sources, we were certainly grouchy.  Mama Bear and I started talking and she told me she thought one of her problems was we seemed to have lost Christmas this year.

The garage has a couch in it and stuff piled all around, my workbenches are buried, and Mama Bear thought the Christmas tubs were to far under, over and behind things to get to.  So I told her if that would make her feel better then there was no problem, I could get to what we needed.  So we went down to the garage and I started moving things around.  It is not pretty and the car is not going back in any time soon, but I got the boxes and tubs, at least what we needed and then we hauled them upstairs.


Christmas came out of the woodwork

Christmas came out of hiding

While Mama Bear went through the boxes and started unpacking, I climbed up in the attic and got the parts of the tree down and brought them out and started setting it up.  By the time the girls got home we had candles in the windows, lighted snowmen all around the house and all the ornaments laid out and ready to put on the tree.  (I have to confess I have gotten a little lazy, it is a fake tree with LED lights built into it, but still nice 😀 )

The snowmen oversight committee

The snowmen oversight committee

After the girls got their coats off, settled down and told us about the party, we put the ornaments on the tree and were all in fine spirits.  I guess you just need the right moment for the Christmas spirit to move you sometimes…


Trimming the tree

Trimming the tree

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