Jan 14

Mama Bear recently pointed out that I haven’t updated this in a while, and that I have fallen into a habit of only posting about what’s cooking.  While I did agree she was right, I didn’t follow up on it and post anything right away either.

In the last few weeks we have had a variety of weather, but the arctic vortex that swept through every where else came through here also.  We were subzero for a couple days, and yes, I liked it…



But, back to the meat of the matter… LOL

The first smoke of the year

The first smoke of the year

We were in the mood for BBQ, so we picked up a couple of chuck roasts (and a brisket, and a picnic, and a couple pork butts for bacon, but more on that later)  at Sam’s, smoked them both and pulled one of them for sandwiches…

Just a touch of sauce

Just a touch of sauce

I have to pat my own back, they were good.

Tonight I also prepped a couple more pork butts for bacon.  We bought 2 that were bone in, I forgot how much fun de-boning a pork butt can be.  I did a couple pieces as maple bacon and another couple as molasses bacon, it will be interesting to see how that comes out.  I’ll put more up on that after they cure for the rest of the week and I can smoke them this weekend.

On other lines, I’ve decided to spend more time flying my flight simulator.  I even joined a virtual airline, which means I get to do a lot of flying, but in a more structured environment.  I also get to start at the bottom, which also means flying small planes on short routes until I work up enough hours to get promoted to bigger planes and longer routes.

And yes, I am still wishing for more snow and dreading the end of winter already, and I know it is only January.  I spend all summer suffering for these brief moments of winter wonder…

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