First of all, Happy Mother’s day to my mother, and my wife, and all the mothers out there.

As for me, apparently beuaty is the result of hard work, and pork…

Yesterday I started the process that will end up with maple bacon, Canadian bacon, oh yeah and the best pulled pork I think I have ever made…

I started out yesterday morning with just over 26 pounds of pork shoulder/butt and loin, can you say pure pork goodness?

Saturday Morning Fun

Saturday Morning Fun

After breaking down the shoulder/butt into bone-in sections and boneless sections, I prepped the bone in sections for smoking today…

Pulled pork prep

Pulled pork prep

Then I prepped the boneless section for bacon, setting up my cure and sectioning the meat… A while back I switched from pork side and belly for bacon.  I love bacon, and I have no problem with that yummy bacon fat, but I love the meaty part of bacon even more.  So now I make what is called buckboard bacon.  Most American bacon made from the belly has a ration of 3 parts fat to 1 part meat. Made from the shoulder/butt, buckboard bacon has the reverse, 2-3 parts meat to one part fat, and I absolutely love it.

It's Bacon!!!

It’s Bacon!!!

Finally we come to my latest test, Canadian bacon.  My father and I were talking the other day about some of my bacon, I run them over some every now and then, especially when my mother makes a request.  My Dad was asking me if the bacon I did was like Canadian bacon, so I told him I didn’t think so, but I would have to look into what it really was because I had never done any Canadian bacon.

He told me the reason he was asking is because he used to get this thick sliced Canadian bacon ,like 3/8″ to 1/2″ thick at this place they would go to eat breakfast sometimes, but he cannot find it sliced that thick in any store so he could make it at home if he wanted to.  So I’m making Canadian bacon for my Dad, not that I won’t enjoy it myself I am sure… 😀

So once I finished the bacon and pulled prep, I broke the loin down into 3 sections and made three different Canadian bacon rubs and vacuum packed them. I forgot to take pictures of that prep, but I’ll try to post some before I smoke it. They will cure for one to two weeks then I’ll smoke it, chill it and slice it just like bacon.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a weekend full of pork.  And the pulled pork I smoked today, started at 3AM this morning.  This was without a doubt in my mind, the best pulled pork I have ever done, and I think everyone else agreed.  To go along with it I made my own BBQ sauce as well.  So it was a busy weekend, but well worth the effort.

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