New career moves

posted by mark
Sep 27

Today I have embarked on a new career… wedding planner ­čśÇ

OK, so not really, but I reached the point where I could not stand it any more. ┬áMama Bear has been struggling with trying to do so much of the oldest’s wedding for months, and the stress has gotten to be too much.

She has enjoyed it to a great extent, working with the new guy’s mother has been a wonderful part of it, but she has reached the point where she is not a nice person to be around some of the time so this is my own selfish best interest…

So this morning I assumed control… which means spreadsheets and schedules, and lists, lots of lists, organized lists. ┬áPeople are going to hate me, I don’t care…

I am very much of the mindset that this will happen. ┬áThere will almost certainly be hiccups, and something will go wrong, at least one something, but in the end the wedding is going to happen, everyone will be happy and the party afterwards will be enjoyed and then life will go on…

But the truth of the matter is, well, this is actually kind of fun. ┬áThis is something my anal thought processes really excel at. ┬áProcess management and improvement, making things work, it fits into my brain pattern. ┬áAs long as everybody does what I say this is going to work out just fine… ­čśÇ

Mama Bear says I am a unique version of David Tutera, just without the budget, and the TV show, and the finesse… LOL



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