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And in the end, a good day all around…

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Today, after months of hard work by Mama Bear and New Guys mother, with contributions from Baby Bear and The Wild Child, the New Guys family, some good cooking from friends and family all around, and just a little bit of organization by me, the Oldest was married to the New Guy.

Just a note here, New Guy has been a part of our village as Mama Bear calls it, for something along the lines of 9 years…

It was a great day.  The weather cooperated, the family all made it in from out of town (minus one uncle I think), from our side Aunt Roo and the Work Wife were both here, life was good, no life is great.  The village was all gathered round to celebrate.

In the oldest’s inimitable style, things were carried out in her own good time, she lives by a different clock than the rest of us sometimes it seems, but they were and are a match that seems to be predetermined throughout any time frame… picture a dragon who has a cat that it protects, a talisman, a treasure, you can see their relationship in the symbology.

Mr. and Mrs. New Guy

Mr. and Mrs. New Guy

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