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Happy Thanksgiving

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Because nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like getting up at zero dark thirty to throw something in the smoker, I do this and more, for Mama Bear’s happiness… 😀

Thanksgiving is Mama Bear’s favorite holiday, ironically. I say ironically because Mama Bear is not an American… Down the British, up the rebels and all that… LOL

But for her her it is the holiday where she can gather her family all around her, at least those who can be here. The kids and their significant others have always been told they can spend Christmas with whoevers families they want, but they have to be home for Thanksgiving.

And so on this brisk and chilly morning I toil and sweat to get the monstrosity my brother by another mother acquired (almost 24 pounds if you can believe it) into the smoker and prep the little (21 pounder) one for baking and stuffing. Pictures will follow, but I only have so many hands and wasn’t taking pictures as I stumbled through the house to the deck trying to get it onto the smoker on time… LOL



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