Live Long and Prosper

posted by mark
Feb 27

And he did.  Leonard Nimoy was 83 when he passed away today.

I am sure there will be countless outpourings of sympathy, remembrances, fond memories and celebrity statements.

For a lot of us I am sure we remember him best as Spock, but he did play other parts, he was also an immeasurable influence behind the camera as well.

He once titled his memoir “I am not Spock”, he also later wrote a follow on “I am Spock”; he, like so many of us, was capable of appreciating how much the character Spock become an icon.

When I was a young person, I envied Captain Kirk his brash ability to be decisive and bold, I admired Scotty for his determination and love of the machinery that seemed to drive them all forward, McCoy for his gruff but fierce protection of life in all forms, but I identified with Spock.

I learned from a fictional character, the value of being able to understand and use logic as a means to solutions that could be beautiful and elegant, but ruthlessly logical at the same time. ¬†It isn’t a contradiction, and it isn’t a myth, it was an appreciation.

He certainly did live long and prosper, he will be missed, but he also will live on in the hearts and minds of so many people as well.

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