Sep 6

I haven’t been on in a while, life is always busy, never enough hours in the day, pick your excuse and I could probably use it right now.  Well maybe not I just had a hysterectomy, that would be difficult for me to have done, but most anything else might fit…

I have been spending only a little time flying, and even less time in the shop since Mama Bear has been back. But  I did manage to knock out a couple small projects that came up while she was gone to solve a few problems. A new home for her tripods, mono-pods and light stands, a display shelf for her antique cameras since they lost their home when the cabinets came down during the office remodel I did while she was out of town.

Before the girls left for their trip to Europe, Mama Bear found a piece of reclaimed barn wood that I made a shelf out of for some of our memorabilia that turned out pretty nice.  I found some wrought iron brackets and cleaned the wood up, found the right edges and finished it, we were all pretty happy with it I think.


Barn wood shelf

Memory shelf

That was a while ago, and the projects just keep piling up.  Mama Bear asked me to make some picture frames from some more reclaimed wood, and I swear I started, but one of the pieces of scrap wood kept calling me back.

When I was a young man, my family spent several years living abroad, in Ankara Turkey.  It was a bit of culture shock to a young man in his formative years so-to-speak, but it was a great learning experience all the same.  While we were there, my parents spent some of their time exploring and picking up some things, things that would bring us back those memories much later in life.

Something my mother did though was to always remember she had three children, so when she bought something, she tried to buy it in sets of three.  Not identical objects, most of these items were hand made and because we did not have identical memories, but related to tie us together with those memories.  One of the things she brought back with us were sets of brass hand made angels.

Several years ago she began to downsize their home, so we began to get small gifts every now and then, something that would trigger a memory, something from our childhood, whether it was Turkey or otherwise.  The angels were a Christmas distribution a few years ago I think.  Ours sat on a glass shelf on the wall that Mama Bear had put together with pictures and other items we brought back from Turkey, but the shelf always felt out of place to me.

So when this piece of wood kept calling me back, I had to see what I felt in the wood, not something I could draw on a piece of paper, but a journey in bringing out what that wood held inside.  The original vision in my head morphed into something slightly different, but I kept at it, and in the end it became it’s own unique piece, presenting the angels in a way that is reminiscent of the old wooden cross, roughly hewn wood, holding something priceless, which these angels are to me.

Angel shelf

Angel shelf

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