Feb 2

I ask, in the name of intelligence and common sense, for this country to wake up and realize the path we’ve gone down… cast your votes with a clear head and by making educated decisions, not based on rhetoric or even along party lines out of loyalty.

I would like to make a very simple point that would make the Iowa Democratic caucus vote seem to be a decision that borders on insanity.

Every person in the service of the U.S. government that handles or is given access to classified material is briefed and trained on the handling of classified material necessary for their jobs.  Each person is supposed to be vetted, cleared by background check and have a need to know for any classified material they have access to and be trained in the proper handling of such material with respect to its level of classification.

If a member of the U.S. military or a civilian employee of the federal government knowingly (and by definition they have to be knowledgeable since they have been trained) violates the rules and laws regarding the protection of classified material, they could and should be investigated and prosecuted for their actions and criminal activities if they fail in that protection.

That we are even contemplating electing, to the highest position of responsibility in this country, a person who would knowingly violate those rules and laws for simple expediency, has got to be an act of insanity.

Hillary Clinton has proven that she cannot be trusted in such a position of responsibility.  By using insecure technical services to house and transmit classified material, such as the private email server in her own home, as Secretary of State she knowingly violated the safe handling of that classified material.  This is not a question of politics, this is a questions of ethics, of responsible action by deed, of the basic level of trust and ethical behavior.  Or in her case, the lack of those things.

I don’t care what your politics are, you have the right to make that decision for yourself in this country.  It is one of the basic principles, that people serve in our military to ensure you continue to have that right.  For hundreds of years people have sacrificed and many have died for you to have that right.

But you, as a voter need to take that responsibility seriously and make responsible decisions, not based on what someone else tells you or “party” lines, and part of that responsibility is making decisions that make sense.  Voting someone into the office of President of the United States, who in reality should be under investigation and possibly indictment on criminal charges for failing to maintain control of classified material, makes absolutely no sense that I can understand, I don’t care what else they might do, good, bad, or indifferent.

Because sooner or later, that person will get people killed for the sake of convenience or expediency, oh wait, she’s already done that too.  Well f@#k me, I guess we’re all going to get screwed in the end at this rate unless the country wakes up and takes the next election more seriously…

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