Recently there have been a bunch of robo or automated calls being sent out claiming the IRS is suing you and you need to call this 1 8XX number.

If you call the number back, they explain that you are being sued and you must pay them, usually using Western Union or through buying a pre-loaded credit card.

Let’s think it through here, the IRS is never going to call you with an automated phone call and tell you they are suing you. Your best bet is to ignore the call and go on with life. If you really feel malicious, and we all know I do once in a while, call them back and laugh at them then hang up… But that tells them your phone number is a real live number that someone answers, so you are better off just ignoring it…

Honest, the IRS knows where you live, and they won’t bother using a computer to call you to threaten you, the computer is much more likely to send you a love letter through the post office.

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