The morning moon

posted by mark
Dec 30

I woke up early a few days ago, when I do that I just cannot seem to go back to sleep sometimes.  I get up, go read, do dishes, work on little things around the house, whatever strikes me that needs to be done that I can do without waking up Mama Bear or Baby Bear.

This was the day after I made a fresh batch of turkey stock from the Christmas turkey.  I had left the remnants of the carcass in the pot the night before to cool before I tossed them out, so I decided to gather the trash and take them out.

While taking out the bag I happened to notice the moon peeking through the branches of the tree just above the horizon the sun was starting to gently light.  I decided here was a chance to play with my new camera so I rushed back in and grabbed the camera and a tripod and rushed back out.  I turned out the porch and front lights to cut down on the light and set up to try to grab a shot.

It occurs to me, my neighbors are going to start thinking I am nuts, well more nuts than they already know I am.  Here I am standing on the front porch in the dark in shorts and a t-shirt in 30 degree weather setting up a camera and playing with the settings while shooting frames and checking to see if I thought they looked better or worse.  I took about 4 shots, this is probably the best of them, no post processing, just cropped it and resized for the web.  I think I am happy for such a quick challenge…

The morning moon

The morning moon

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