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When hobbies collide

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Since my recently revitalized interest in photography has arisen, a collision with another of my other interests, model railroading is colliding with it, both in time and money.  Both are in their infancy, which of course is when some big costs can be incurred… LOL

Fortunately, I can “borrow” Mama Bear’s camera gear, and I have been buying parts to prep for building the railroad in small lots for a while, so the major expenses aren’t going to happen immediately.

Last night the sky cleared enough for me to get some shots of the moon, of course today it is snowing and I’m thinking there won’t be a visible moon tonight… but here is one I am fairly happy with from last night.

First quarter moon 1/04/2016.1832

First quarter moon 1/04/2016.1832

Now for something completely off topic… We as a family have been playing the computer game Diablo for many years.  I started with the original, then brought Diablo II home and the entire family wanted in on it.  So we played on our network in our home, 2, 3, sometimes 4 kids with Mama Bear and I, all screaming across the house and generally wreaking mayhem on the world that was Diablo II.  Then along came Diablo III, and we hesitated.

Before Diablo III was released, rumors were flying about whether it would be a MMOG like World of Warcraft, or a local game like Diablo II had been.  I refuse to buy into the model of paying every month for a subscription to play a game, we don’t spend enough time in it to make it worth the expense, and the prospect of spending that much time bothers me.  But when they announced it was a hybrid of the two models, you bought the game outright, but had to be online to play, I was OK with it, so we jumped in.

This week, Blizzard Entertainment, who created the whole game series, released a special update that allows gamers to play the original Diablo I maps in Diablo III.  So four of us jumped on and played for several hours last night.  It was fun, Mama Bear, Baby Bear and the Wild Child and I played the evening away.

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