Jan 16

Recently, unfortunately, I found that a stash of reclaimed wood I have has an active beetle infestation.  Fortunately, I have not built much with this wood, so the risk of it being spread is small, but that still leaves me to deal with the wood, and of course the loss of the wood for the projects that were waiting in the wings.

So yesterday I cut up the first pile and proceeded to enjoy a fire in the fire pit on a nice brisk day.  I admit it was fun after a fashion, despite why I was burning it.  But while I was outside Mama Bear announced that she and the wild child were going to play Diablo and it was a shame I couldn’t join them.

That was something I didn’t want to skip, so I decided I needed to be able to join them…  LOL

Diablo by the fire

Diablo by the fire

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