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Iíve been busy

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With Mama Bear out of town I had some hope of finding some time to just do some fun relaxing things, unfortunately that has not been the case.

I had planned on doing a system upgrade at work this weekend, turns out I am doing two upgrades. †Which means working both Saturday and Sunday, and some long days prepping for the upgrades.† The good news is I feel fairly well prepared, so with a little luck, knock on wood, things will go smoothly.† It will be a good thing, we have been falling behind the upgrade stream because of time and hardware limitations, this doesnít catch us up, but it gets us back in the mainstream.

But, besides the extra time at work, Iíve been trying to catch up around the house.† So many things to do, so little time, not to mention trying to catch up on sleep.† If anyone ever tries to tell you that by taking someone to the airport at 5 something in the morning, when the airport is almost an hour and a half away, is worth it to save a few dollars, donít believe them…† We left at around 3:45 and even with good traffic I wasnít home until around 7AM, it wasnít worth going back to bed… LOL it was a very long day, but we did save some money on tickets.† The downside was losing the rest of the day to work and sleeping.

The sky is still grey, no moon in sight, of course it is a new moon right now so it might not have been much to see anyway, but no more pictures for the moment.

And I know it isnít Thursday (I have been educated on Throwback Thursday, I just donít believe in limiting myself), I felt like digging something out of the way back machine…† So here is some smoked macaroni and cheese with smoked chopped pork mixed in, drizzled with a little homemade Maple Bourbon BBQ sauce, from a couple summers ago, it was a beautiful thing…

Smoked Pork Mac-n-Cheese

Smoked Pork Mac-n-Cheese

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