Last week’s sky

posted by mark
Mar 13

A good friend of mine asked me for some shots from last week, so I sent him one of the sunset’s from earlier, but thought I would a few others I sent him here, leading up to and including the full moon.

Friday evening I was shooting the sunset and moon rise.


Moon rise

And getting creative with back light from the moon.

Branches at night

Branches at night with a full moon

Saturday evening was the as close to full moon as I was going to get.

Full Moon

Full Moon

One thing many people may not realize, shooting the moon is not quite as easy as it sounds.  The full moon is normally the brightest object in the evening sky, and can be reflective enough to be seen during daylight, which almost no other celestial body can claim.  Shooting the moon at its peak can be especially challenging.  Here is a shot giving you an idea of the amount of light the moon reflects.

Bright moon

Bright moon

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