Jul 10

In preparation for the upcoming Solar eclipse on the 21st of August, I wanted to learn how to shoot the Sun, both with regular camera lenses and with the telescope.

So I ordered some solar filters, one that displays the Sun in black and white, and another that shows a more natural orange (as I understand it).

The black and white filter is pre-mounted in a ring, the orange is not.  So I have to make a mount for the telescope for this filter.

The weather has not been totally cooperative the last few weeks for either Moon or Astronomical photography, but the morning was fairly clear on the 7th.

I took the filter and caught a couple quick shots in the morning before work.  Not bad, but certainly not professional level yet.

If you look closely at the expanded image (click on the picture and it should open) can see a sun spot in the lower left, this is sun spot #2665 according to NASA.  I think it is cool I was able to capture it any the level of detail on my very first shot of the Sun.

The morning Sun on the 7th

The morning Sun on the 7th

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