We started off the weekend with a bag of tomatoes, a bag of corn still in the husk and a pile of cucumbers, and some ideas of things to try.

I decided to start off making a spicy corn salsa, then canning the result.  It wasn’t bad, a little on the sweeter side.

Spicy Sweet Corn Salsa

Spicy Sweet Corn Salsa

Then I made a corn and pickle relish.

Corn and pickle relish

Corn and pickle relish

It was an interesting result, but I definitely think that in the future this needs to be a mustard relish.  Guess what I have coming in the mail… a pound of ground mustard for the next round because I love mustard and relish on hot dogs…

Lunch... Corn and pickle relish on hot dogs

Lunch… Corn and pickle relish with mustard on hot dogs and some home made coleslaw

Saturday evening Mama Bear made it known that she thought I was making some of “her” salsa recipe, which I had not because I got so carried away with the corn salsa and relish.  So I sent Baby Bear by the farm stand down the road for more tomatoes and a couple nice big Vidalia onions, then set about Sunday morning turning her normal recipe into one that was large enough to be able to can some as a test…

Making Mama Bear's Salsa

Making Mama Bear’s Salsa


Annemarie's Salsa!!!

Mama Bear’s Salsa!!!

And I still had some cucumbers left still, so I decided to do some jars of Bread and Butter sandwich style pickles.  You know, the long cut pickles that fit so nicely on a sandwich or bun?

Bread and Butter slices

Bread and Butter slices

I decided to make these 50-50, sugar and stevia to try to cut down on sugar content, but keep that sweet pickle taste and feel.

Bread and Butter sandwich slices

Bread and Butter sandwich slices


By the end of Sunday, I was a little tired, but we had almost 2 cases of relish’s and salsa’s, and I was out of pint jars so I decided I needed to put in an order to Wally World for a couple more cases.

We did talk about how we want to can tomato/spaghetti sauce also, assuming I find a recipe that is safe and I like.  That is what the quart jars I bought are planned for.  So in the not too distant future we are going to have a spaghetti sauce weekend… 🙂

And I have a case of small jars because our normal yearly order of Hatch Chilies should be getting close to getting picked and delivered, and I plan on canning some of them.  I have some cool ideas on making my own adobo sauce to can and preserve a good bunch of our chilies.

Last year I had ordered a 25 pound box and we still have a few packages left in the freezer.  This year I pre-ordered ten pounds, but I’m still thinking another ten pound order might be called for.  Last year we roasted, well I roasted the first couple pounds but then had to leave, so I taught Baby Bear the night before my trip how to roast them on the grill.  Mama Bear and Baby Bear finished off the roasting and freezing of probably twenty pounds that was left after I had to leave town.  I promised not to leave town again this year when it comes time to process the chilies.

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