Jul 30

A couple nights ago I was out with Mama Bear for a special occasion.  We were talking about the moon and how it was up during the day, but most people don’t really notice it because even though it is visible, it is not the brightest object in the sky like it is at night normally.  On the drive home I pointed it out to her.

When we got home I decided to grab my camera and the 70-200 lens and the new 2 X converter Mama Bear got a couple weeks ago and run out to the front step and take a swing at getting some shots.

The sun was just dropping below the horizon, or at least I think it was since I couldn’t see if through the trees, but the light was fading quickly.

So I grabbed each of these, in succession as the light was fading.

The Moon

The Moon 0040


The Moon

The Moon 0041


The Moon

The Moon 0042


The Moon

The Moon 0043

I thought it was a cool transition into the night.

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