Sep 6

Beautiful full moon last. Well 99.93% full when I took this picture, it was actually full at 3:06 AM this morning, but there was no way I was getting up at 3 AM to try to capture the perfect full moon shot…

The full Corn Moon

The full Corn Moon

The night before, my neighbor and good friend came knocking on my door.  He and his wife were walking their dogs and he saw the moon rising over the trees. We had mixed cloud cover that was moving fast and the moon was glowing orange as it passed in and out of the clouds.

I grabbed long pants (the mosquitoes are still out in force around here) and then grabbed the tripod, my camera and an extra lens and rushed out the door. As he led me down the street to get to the perfect vantage point, I thought I would grab a couple wide angle shots before trying to get in tight on the moon.

The long lens shots didn’t work out as the clouds moved in, but here is one as it rose over the trees with some light clouds passing in front.

Bad moon rising...

Bad moon rising…

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